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Danny J. O'Dea



New Release

The Last Man in Cleveland (2022)

A thrilling and poignant novel from up and coming author Danny O’Dea, The Last Man In Cleveland will keep you reading until the very last sentence. This refreshing addition to apocalyptic fiction is filled with vibrant and relatable characters as we explore the intricacies of the human race and the quiet devastation of loss and grief.

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Fiction, contrary to popular belief, can convey truth. As one living through the COVID-19 pandemic, The Last Man in Cleveland was not only oracular but unexpectedly introspective as well. O’Dea explores the different ways trauma can manifest from a singular event as he follows six individuals in their journeys surviving an unstoppable global pandemic. Reading this helped me process the chaos of our time.

‘Gripping storytelling’
Matt Lynch

Praise & Reviews

I was so taken by this novella from new author Danny O'Dea and his complex look at grief and loss - the quiet apocalypse when we lose a loved one. O'Dea writes in such a way that even the hardest of topics are easily addressed and understood. 

'Refreshingly Creative'

Ravven White, Author

I’ve never read a book quite like this one. First of all, The Last Man in Cleveland is the fastest I have ever read a book. The writing itself is beautiful and thoughtful which makes for an approachable and interesting adventure. In today’s world, higher consciousness is a sought after state, this book has a higher consciousness. The ending left me with feelings similar to the end of inception where your mind is racing and you know there’s a deeper message to the book, one deserving of the time to be explored. Finally, the book is hilarious. Danny O’Dea is able to somehow simultaneously makes me question my own existence while laughing out loud.

Alex Strathdee, Bestselling Author and founder of PODPR

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About Danny O'Dea

Danny O’Dea is from a small town just on the outskirts of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where the Earth itself is at its oldest and most humble. He studied literature and politics at the College of William & Mary before working in education and communications. His first novel, The Last Man in Cleveland, was published in the early Spring of 2022. O'Dea currently resides in Charlottesville, VA, with his lovely girlfriend and
their golden retriever, Juniper.

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